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Hillfire Brewing Co. featured in CAMRA Angle Autumn 2016

It’s a long way from the Cascade Mountains of the American Pacific North West to a small brewery in an industrial estate in Aylesbury, but it was in this beautiful region of North America that Neil got his inspiration fro Hillfire Brewery.

I was talking to Neil over a congenial pint at the Maidenhead Beer and Cider Festival when he shared with me how he came upon the idea and name of Hillfire.

On a beautiful warm holiday evening after enjoying some excellent local craft beers, the sun was setting with a fiery red glow over the Cascade mountains and hills. It seemed almost that the hills were on fire and the name Hillfire sprung into Neil’s mind. This area is within Washington State, which is famous, amongst other things, for producing many of the specialty hops used by American craft beer producers. In fact, this part of the world is now second only to Germany as a hop producer. Why not combine the best of American hops with the fine malted barley of England to make great beers?

Hillfire Advertorial in CAMRA Angle 2016
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